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Hey, from HEIY 👋

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I'm a product designer and social media manager based in Toronto, ON.  Most recently, I'm am in the world of healthtech as a lead designer for a thyroid management app: ThyForLife. I have a background in English Lit and a Master in Business Management.

As you can tell, I love analysis. 

My favourite question to ask is "why". While “why” has been my most irksome catch phrase as a child, it fuels my love language: to have meaningful conversations. I  have also found it extremely beneficial for both my research and design processes. 


“Why” has pushed me to further evaluate each decision and further interpret any observations made during user research, and thus leading to more meaningful designs.  

For my extracurriculars, you'll find me illustrating or reading, all while having a steaming cup of oat milk latte. 

Let's work together!

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Thanks for submitting!

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