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Social Media Management

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"Jane is an immensely skilled social media manager and designer for Ôngbà Vietnamese Eatery, having collaborated with us since our re-opening in summer 2022.  She has significantly increased our engagement and continues to understand our audience's needs.


Jane's expertise encompasses graphic design, illustration, user experience, and social media, all of which have played a pivotal role in shaping and refining our brand. Not only does Jane possess a keen aesthetic sense, but she also demonstrates exceptional business understanding. I highly recommend working with Jane as she is always ready for a challenge and is able to bring fresh ideas to the table.”

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Services Offered

Come say Heiy, and learn more about which options are best for you! :)

Social Media Planning

Scheduling monthly content, caption writing, and hashtag strategy, to maintain consistency and align with your marketing goals and audience engagement.

Designing and Editing

Designing and editing in-feed content, stories, photos, reels, and short-form and long-form content. 

Content Creation

SEO writing, photos, videos, and graphics to engage your audiences, bolstering brand presence and fostering community on social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy

Planning and outlining goals, content, and tactics to achieve marketing objectives on social platforms, enhancing brand visibility, audience engagement, customer relationships, and overall business growth.

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